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Wood Flooring Trends That Are Proving to Be Timeless

Wood Flooring Trends That Are Proving to Be Timeless


Fads are exciting and, in some cases, prove to be timeless. Each day, new trends surface for every industry, and it is up to the professionals to conduct a final product that does the contemporary justice. Wood flooring has long been a popular home remodeling staple, and it continues to update and grow in popularity daily. A hardwood floor makes any home diverse and can be played up in a multitude of ways. So, what are the trends currently circulating this industry?

Dark Stain

Of the most popular ways to stain a floor today is to go by the concept: The darker, the better. The richness of a dark stain punctuates a home with sophistication, and leaves plenty of room for the remaining decor and furniture to be diverse. Professionals typically take a white oak floor and stain it with blacks, ebonies, and deep cherries. To keep up with the demand to go as dark as possible, popular manufacturers have crafted colors that appear to be void of any color or light.

Gray Home Flooring

Perhaps the most versatile trend being seen by the industry is the incorporation of gray flooring into every room of the home. This color coincides with any wall color, style taste, and room in the home. A room complete with this floor can be decorated vastly, including beach ornamentations, country living, and even Asian-fusion. Due to the high-quality stain necessary to achieve this color, these floors are more durable and long lasting.

Matte and Satin Finishes

Offering contrasting futuristic and elegant attributes, these glossy finishes work especially well in kitchens with light granite or marble countertops. The concentrated finish placed on these floors allow them to retain shine longer than traditional semi-gloss and regular polyurethane.

Wide Planks

Measured in three and a quarter inches, the wider length of these planks make any space they occupy appear larger. This particular size offers a more modern feel to a home, while anything larger, like six inches, creates a rustic country feel. These measurements are the most cost-effective manner to create the illusion of a bigger, more open home.

Luxury Rugs

Regardless of a stain color, plank width, or finish, any wood floor looks flawless when accented with a luxury rug. Available in nearly any color, size, or pattern, an elegant rug can complete the look of any room or setting. Serving the most practical purpose of maintaining the finish of floors by acting as a protective barrier, these rugs are beneficial. Visit Relative Space if you would like to learn more.

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