The Top 7 Things Most People Never Remember to Pack When Moving

The Top 7 Things Most People Never Remember to Pack When Moving

The moving process is usually a daunting one, especially for the homeowners. Calgary movers always advise their clients to have a checklist of all the things that they will be moving with to the new house. And for the most part, you always find that many people always end up forgetting something essential. This happens a lot especially when your relocation process is rushed. You realize that most people who are always found in such situations fail to remember essential things when packing.

The same can happen to anybody especially when under stress. That’s the main reason why it is always advisable for homeowners who are planning to relocate to start preparing early. This article aims to discuss with you some of the top things that most people usually end up forgetting when relocating from one home to another.

1. Prescription medication

Many people usually end up forgetting their medication especially when they are in a rush and are pressed for time. Most medication always ends up being left behind either in the cabinets or drawers when packing. You may think that it’s okay to leave a few bottles of painkillers behind. But what if you also end up leaving some important medication in the process as well?

2. Important documents

Forgetting important documents and papers which you can’t replace when lost or stolen is another thing that thing that is quite common amongst movers who are rushing the whole process. Some of the most commonly forgotten documents include bank papers, personal documents, driver’s license, marriage certificates, birth certificates, property deeds, etc.

3. Items placed in storage

Another place that most homeowners are known to forget to look into when relocating is their items placed in storage. Most of the time you find that the storage units are underestimated or neglected altogether. But these storage units can sometimes hold important documents and items which you might need in the future. You should make it a point of double checking all your storage spaces before relocating to a new area.

4. Loaned items

Movers are always in a rush to relocate to new places and start new lives that they forget that they even loaned out some things and even cash that they loaned out. This is that one time when people forget just about everything that they loaned out to their friends and families. If, however, you are only relocating a short distance, then you can still collect the necessary items and cash that you need and work towards collecting whatever remains. But you need to work towards collecting all debts that you can possibly collect when you intend to relocate far from where you currently are.

5. Clothes at the dry cleaner’s

People forget their clothes at the dry cleaners even when they aren’t moving. So, it really isn’t that difficult to forget clothes at the dry cleaners when relocating to a new place. Maybe you’ve even dropped your favorite clothes at the dry cleaners, but end up forgetting about them as a result of all the things occupying your mind from moving.

6. Bathroom items

Things like toiletries and shower curtains are other common items that are commonly left behind by homeowners who are moving in a rush. Bathroom items are usually the last things to be packed when relocating to new places. And that’s the main reason why they can easily be forgotten about.

7. Valuables hid around the home

You can also easily forget about valuables that are hidden around your home when relocating to a new place. Things like family heirlooms to hidden jewelry around homes are easily forgettable especially when you are in a rush to move.

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