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Quartz Continues to Grow in Popularity and Innovation

Quartz Continues to Grow in Popularity and Innovation


Your kitchen countertops can make all the difference in the look and functionality of your home. Stones and solid surface materials have long been a favorite in the kitchen. Quartz countertops have continued to grow in popularity until they are almost as popular as granite. Countertops need to be durable, scratch resistant, and heat resistant and quartz meets all of these criteria while also looking beautiful.

Understanding Quartz

Quartz is quickly overtaking granite as the favored countertop material. It proves to be easier to maintain and withstands the tough treatment of a kitchen countertop. It’s important to understand what quartz is and what it is not. Quartz is a substance that is found in the composition of many other stones like granite. A quartz countertop isn’t solid crushed quartz mixed with cementing materials. It is composed of quartz and many other stones to create a granite-like appearance. Be aware that a ‘natural’ quartz product is still an amalgamation of many different materials held together by a strong resin.

Continued Improvement

As the popularity of quartz countertops has grown, manufacturers continue to improve the quality, colors, and designs. Silestone quartz, for example, is one of the most resilient materials available. It is non-porous which allows it to resist stains and spills. This particular quartz also comes in 90 colors giving an excellent range of choices for the hard to match kitchen. It also comes with different veins and textures so that individual personality and preference can be taken into consideration.

More Options

While makers like Silestone provide a wide array of color and finish choices other manufacturers, such as Caesarstone, focus on the edge profiling and design to set their products apart. These quartz countertops can have the uniform appearance of a solid surface or they come in large patterned slabs providing a unique character. Creating the look that you want with high-quality materials is as easy as looking it up and choosing your design.
Other manufacturers in the quartz industry, like IceStone, are finding ways to change not only the look but the composition of quart countertops. IceStone has reclaimed 13 million pounds of glass from landfills and uses it to create an environmentally friendly countertop surface. The resulting product, QuartzStone, is durable and resilient. This company works to have a small environmental impact by using recycled glass, daylights to illuminate their factories during the day, and recycling water used in the manufacturing process. Not only are they creating a good product but they are also making advances that are sustainable for the future.

You shouldn’t have to worry about staining or damaging your kitchen countertops while you cook. Quartz is a good countertop choice that looks fantastic and provides the durability and resiliency you want. For additional info, visit Rockstella Stonery Inc. and learn more from their online references.

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