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Cutting Cords with Dewalt

Cutting Cords with Dewalt

If you ask any handyman, they’ll tell you power tools have to be plugged into a socket if you want any kind of performance out of it. As the technology involved improves, however, that sentiment is becoming dated.

Corded tools used to be the gold standard when it came to getting a job done. Contractors and hobbyists alike have sworn by them for decades, putting battery powered tools in the novelty category that no serious craftsman would ever consider. The work output was bad and the run times were laughable. Improvements in battery technology have changed that.

Better Batteries

The road to a useful lithium based battery was long and often dangerous. While early models could hold a lot of energy, they also had the tendency to short circuit internally, leading to thermal runaway which is as bad as it sounds.

These days, nearly everything that runs on batteries has a little lithium in it and new technology hasn’t just made them safer. These new power packs hold a lot of energy in a small package and can be used nearly everywhere, including power tools.

Dewalt Does It Better

Dewalt tools have been producing battery powered tools for some time, but real improvements are a recent development. Dewalt has reengineered their tools to take advantage of new battery technology, especially their in-house designs. Brushless motors are becoming standard in high-end tools and these newer motors are more efficient and contain fewer parts. These advantages help make the most of the new generation of lithium batteries.

FlexVolt Power Packs

One of the biggest disadvantages of battery powered tools is the specific energy requirements of each tool, which can make for an expensive investment. Every tool needed its own battery, but with the Dewalt FlexVolt system, power is interchangeable. The power packs (released in June) are able to automatically vary their voltage from 20V to 60V depending on the requirements of the tool. They’ve also allowed some more heavy duty tools in the 120V range to draw off two of the packs simultaneously.

Bluetooth Capability

Some of the newer Dewalt tools can also connect remotely to Android or Apple devices, allowing for more control over equipment. While this might seem gimmicky on the surface, the product is made with contractors in mind. With the touch of a button, a foreman can shut off a tool or put its operation on a timer if it’s being lent out. The app can also send out alerts for charge level and time left to charge.

Technology is always improving, so it’s likely we’ll see even more innovation in battery powered tools in the future. Even so, it’s never been a better time to ditch the cords. To learn more information, please visit the Mississauga Hardware for their additional online resources.

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