5 Reasons to Hire A Locksmith

5 Reasons to Hire A Locksmith

Most people only think of locksmiths when they get locked out of their car or home. The same people will often not call a locksmith for fear that they will get duped into paying high rates for even simple services.

The fact is, most locksmith services will actually save you money, both immediately and over time. Here are a few reasons why you should choose to work with a qualified, professional locksmith for all your home and business security needs.

1. Emergency, On-Call Service

Most locksmiths offer convenient 24-hour service with fast response times, even in the middle of the night. Locked your keys in your car? Locked out of your house? Sure, you could try to force your way in or try to pick the locks yourself, but the odds of you doing damage to your property are great, as is the risk of injury. Both of these can incur far higher cost and are nowhere near as safe.

A simple call to one of the many qualified locksmiths in your area can allay unnecessary personal expenses as well as the anxiety of not being able to access your property. Locksmiths can also assist with specialized emergency issues like:

  • Lost Car Keys
  • Lost Transponder Keyfobs
  • Broken Ignintion Switches
  • Home Security System Malfunctions
  • Stuck or malfunctioning overhead door locks
  • Locked rooms & closets

2. Increase Security For Your Home

A simple upgrade like deadbolts or a professionally-installed home security system can provide added security and peace of mind. What you might not realize is that locksmiths perform these services and many more. Some even offer installation services for garage doors and garage door openers and can help you increase security with locking systems for sheds, patios, and pool enclosures.

3. Increase Security For Your Business

Locksmiths perform vital services for businesses that include installing and servicing:

  • High-security locks
  • Automatic door locks
  • Keyed & keyless entry security systems
  • Safes and strong boxes
  • Closed-circuit TV (CCTV) monitoring systems

They can also help you get back into and re-key filing cabinets and other free-standing security devices like desk drawers and lock boxes.

4. Save Money

As mentioned above, locksmiths can often save you money by simply helping you avoid property damage or injury, but they can also help you save in other ways. Installing deadbolts and security systems can get you breaks on homeowner’s and business insurance policies. Most locksmiths can also replace even complex electronic car keys and fobs at a fraction of the cost of some dealerships (and they can usually make new keys on the spot).

5. Increase The Value of Your Property

Better security and functional locks throughout your property can up the resale value considerably and offer a deterrent to would-be thieves or trespassers, all of which are attractive features to prospective buyers or tenants.

The same holds true for commercial property. Trying to lease office space but can’t find the right tenant? A security upgrade can be the thing that motivates a well-paying tenant to move into your space and even allow you to increase the rent/lease payment on the space.

Whether it’s an emergency situation or one requiring advance planning, a qualified locksmith can help you develop a more secure property and keep you safe in the event of a lockout emergency. Best of all, locksmiths are there when you need them, often providing 24-hour service seven days per week, 365 days per year. If you have an immediate security emergency or just need to make a security upgrade to your home or business, they are your best possible resources. If you want to learn more, Bee Safe & Lock Inc. is a helpful website with lots of information and resources.

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