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4 Ways Storms Can Damage Roofing Installations

4 Ways Storms Can Damage Roofing Installations

Even a small storm has the potential to damage an eavestrough, siding or roofing shingles. Failing to deal with roof repair early and effectively could find homeowners faced with higher overall costs than they might expect. The following four issues highlight the importance of proper maintenance.

1. Damaged and Missing Shingles

Shingles that are damaged or blown away completely can place other roofing materials at increased risk. Arranging for roofers to inspect and repair all shingles on a seasonal or annual basis ensures that all materials that have been damaged over time are able to be repaired or replaced before they create bigger problems. Having roofing contractors perform an assessment following a hail storm or other severe weather event may also be helpful.

2. Wind-blown Debris

Tree limbs, branches and other wind-blown objects may lead to more extensive damage than many homeowners might realize. Seeking roof repair services to address any issues that may have been caused by wind-blown debris can help to ensure that repair costs are less likely to get out of hand. Simply replacing an eavestrough, siding or other construction materials can be a lot less costly than dealing with moisture intrusion and other issues that may develop should the situation be ignored.

3. Moisture Intrusion

While roofing installations utilize tar and other materials in order to provide protection from moisture and the elements, water damage can still pose a big threat. Materials that have been damaged or compromised by a storm can allow moisture to seep deep within a roofing installation. Working with professional roofers who can address and resolve the situation early helps to minimize the risk that mold, mildew and rooting materials may cause future problems in the days to come. You can find a lot of helpful online resources available at Cherry & Clark Roofing.

4. Hail Damage

Hail storms are commonly the biggest threat to a roof, one that homeowners would do well to take seriously. Homeowner’s policies and other insurance plans may help cover the cost of hail damage so property owners would do well to contact roofing contractors in order to schedule an appraisal or estimate following a hail storm.

Arranging a Professional Assessment

The need for roof repair is not always readily apparent. Having experienced roofing contractors survey a roof, assess any damage a storm may have caused and provide an estimate for repair costs will allow homeowners to base their decisions on the most accurate information available. Property maintenance is an important responsibility, and failing to repair a roof following a storm could lead to no end of problems that homeowners would do well to avoid.

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